‘Nyscaben’,  Lundø, June 2024

Nyscaben is an initiative that brings together artists, artist researchers, art enthousiasts and educators. The aim is to support these practicioners to develop their practice in an interdisciplinary and transdiciplinary way, dive into place-based research, intervene, and form connections. 


This is a game, a book and a map. An exploration of elements that leave a trace, a track in the sand, a mark in our thoughts. A use of poetry and visual art to mediate a discussion between a person that walks in a landscape and all elements that compose it. A participation in the landscape, an intervention, a discussion between the human with the  more-than-human.

The artwork is a cardboard box. Inside there are a number of cards. Some of them have a route painted on them. The purpose of the cards is to be read and laid on a surface. The reader connects the red lines to form a path in the landscape. If the lines are connected in a certain way, they create a route that I took to create this work, which is shown on the top of the box. It is a route that begins from the highest point of the peninsula of Lundø and ends at a big pine tree by the beach. 


I walked on this route multiple times, drawing objects and my view of the landscape, taking notes. One day I facilitated a workshop, leading the participants at the beginning of the route and instructing them to write a letter to themselves coming from the landscape itself. I used some of their work to complete the words on the cards and I included their letters in the box. 


Pictures of the process

Voices of Lundø

The project was created in collaboration with the sound artist Alex Haudiquet. We interviewed various inhabitants of Lundø on themes of belonging, living in the landscape, and their perceptions on food production. Alex recorded sounds of natural elements in the peninsula and I illustrated a visual representation of the recordings, including the interviews’ highlights.  The artwork was presented in the residency open day, next to our other artworks and interactive presentations.