Pastel drawings

Left: Series of postcards inspired by the merket garden "Lichtveen" near Wageningen.: Sunrise”, Visitors annanounced”,“Feeding the Earth”: Cycles of lifeand death in the soil, air, and water are supporting the successful growth
more life, agriculture, and us.

Down: Series of drawings inspired by photographs from the album 'Workers' by Sebastião Salgado 


Left: Polyphony, Commission by the organisers of TRED 2023 Conference (WIMEK, Centre of Unusual


'.., visual and sound art, same as transdisciplinary collaborations, are forms of collage; the final result comes from putting together layers of shapes trimmed to create a meaningful result.'


Mixed media invitations and maps


Up: Invitation to PhD public defense and bookmark: inspired by the song

Right: Listening walkmaps, 2023: Conceptualization and illustration of
sound maps used by sound artist Kristina Mau Hansen. She curated these walks for Cultur Zomer 2023.

Down:  A fox's dream- Acrylics mural


Digital and mixed media illustrations

Up: Illustrations for the newspaper 'The Jester', a volunteer driven independent newspaper in the city of Wageningen.


Left and down:  Hidden connections-Systemic thinking is the key to understanding the world. Everything is interconnected: biodiversity, labour, greenhouse emissions, water quality… When coming across food products, people are not necessarily conscious of
these connections. It is very difficult to imagine how whole watersheds are impacted by farming techniques, policies of big corporations, state regulations, and other processes
related to the food chain. We need to think beyond our senses. 


Left:  May 2024: Poster for the festivel "Leve(n) het Torckpark", and symbols for a bioblitz game in Wageningen.

Down: July 2024, submission to collection of illustrations about climate & migrant justice


Left: Poster for 'Ivo's Bread and Pizza'

Logo, banner and poster for 'Sayuran'

Wageningen 2022