About Dafni (briefly)

My name is Dafni Petratou and I’m a mixed media artist and participatory art practitioner based in Wageningen, in the Netherlands. My aim is to make art and tell stories. I like depicting concepts and communicating ideas through images and I believe that art can play a transformative role in society. 


About Dafni (less briefly)

 I come from Greece, where I also studied Architecture. After my degree, I became fascinated with the prospect of learning more about how human societies interact with nature. This led me to a master’s degree in International Land and Water Management in the city of Wageningen.

During this academic path I became very interested to be part of collaborations between different kind of professionals, especially artists and scientists. My current ambiton is to continue this practice as an artist and educator. I have conducted fundamental and action research on nature education and created arts-based material for workshops and events. The education I envision to facilitate is based on meaning-making and creativity.